Vision & Values

Brooklyn Peace Church is a member of Atlantic Coast Conference of the Mennonite Church USA


Our congregation is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, which is part of Mennonite Church USA. This Christian tradition finds its roots in the 16th century movement called the Radical Reformation (also called Anabaptism). Our history plays out in our contemporary lives in various ways, including the following commitments: simple living and worship, communal embodiment of the gospel, noncoercive faith and nonviolent resistance of evil, and a concern for God’s merciful justice for all people. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we follow in the way of Jesus, who gives us the grace to love one another as God loves the world.


Jesus tells us the very meaning of life: “Love God… Love others… love ourselves.” It is plainly written in the Christian Scriptures that “God is Love.” And Jesus calls us to love even our enemies. Join us as we wrestle with how to embody this radical love toward God, toward others, and toward ourselves.

Many in ancient Judea expected a militant messiah to restore King David’s throne, but Jesus of Nazareth, born a scandalous birth and who later suffered a state-sanctioned execution, came as the Lamb of God and Prince of Peace. The resurrection of this peasant shows that the empire (and systems of domination) will not have the last word. God chose to reveal the God-self through the person of Jesus the Christ, and through Jesus’ life and teachings, death and resurrection, we are drawn into the fold of God’s love, rebirth, and high calling.

Holy Scriptures
From the Hebrew Scriptures (also called Old Testament) to the Christian Scriptures (New Testament), these holy scrolls were most often written by an oppressed people struggling to navigate their way through oppressive empires. We seek to read these scriptures through the hermeneutics of Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit for revelation that speaks to our personal/social/historic contexts.

Liberation is a key theme throughout scripture. One of the great human stories is that of the ancient Hebrew people’s liberation from enslavement in Egypt. And Jesus proclaimed that he came to “preach Good News to the poor, set the captives free, and liberate the oppressed.” This liberation work continues today.

Peace & Reconciliation
We are each called to be ministers of reconciliation. And peace is a gift freely offered to those who would receive it.

Beloved community
Jesus attended synagogue “as was his custom.” And the scriptures encourage us toward community-building. Iron sharpens iron. Do not forsake the assembly of believers. We are made in God’s image. This triune God shows us that we were made for one another.

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